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[Future Fragments] Animations by TriangulatePixels!

We wanted to show off some of the animations that TriangulatePixels had already done for the game, as well as some hentai animations he's done in the past!

These are for Future Fragments, all of Mage A;

And then we've got some animations from some of his past works! (These particular animations have nothing to do with Future Fragments, just to be totally clear.)

So you can definitely expect the same level of quality from his work on Future Fragments as well, if not better! :D

Again, the Patreon for that game is at if you want to help support us and keep us going while we're devoting 8+ hours a day to working on it!

[Future Fragments] An introduction to the game, plus info about the Patreon for Future Fragments!

The following below is copied from the Patreon info about our game at;

I figured it'd fit here as well, so here it is!
Hey there!
We're working on an 18+ only, NSFW video game called "Future Fragments", and we REALLY need your help.

See, right now, multiple people on our team are hurting financially (as in, facing homelessness), and we need your support to make this game a reality, before worse comes to worse.

But before we get into that, let's get into what this game is, and who's working on it.
Future Fragments is a platforming game, with a Science Fiction theme. Imagine say, Megaman X, but with an actual map system, a more fleshed out storyline, and of course, lots and lots of 18+ animations.

The basic storyline is as follows;
You play the part of Mage A (unnamed as of yet), an 18 year old female magician, living in the Medieval Ages. You're easily one of the most talented newcomers under your King's reign, and he has a special assignment for you; you're to be sent 2,000 years into the future, along with the #1 ranked magician in the kingdom (Mage B), to find and gather artifacts to bring back to the present time, in the Medieval Ages.

The King wants these artifacts to gain power for your domain, and to protect his citizens from evildoers who threaten the safety of his kingdom.

Unfortunately for the King though, his magicians have different plans.

Mage A and Mage B both want the artifacts for different reasons; Mage A wants them so she can set out on her own, free of anyone ruling over her, and Mage B wants them to overthrow the kingdom and become the new ruler of it.

So, it's a race to find these artifacts, and to get back home, before the other magician does.

However, the future is full of a LOT of strange changes to society, and a lot of dangers, including a whole host of really, REALLY pent up things that want to have their way with the mages...

Here's a list of gameplay features so you don't have to read another huge chunk of text. Just kidding! Sorry for all the text though, seriously, but please read through all of it; we have a lot we're sticking in this game.
  • Five stages, each large and expansive (think Norfair in Super Metroid; that'd be one "level") with lots of secrets to find and explore
  • 25 enemies, each with TWO H-Animations per enemy, for a total of 50 animations in-game (and possibly more depending on your progress in-game!)
  • A fleshed out backstory, optionally pieced together by discovering multiple databanks and NPCs to converse with; if you don't like lots of storyline sequences, you can progress through the game and still enjoy it without needing to find any of these! But if you enjoy expansive world-building storylines, have at it and try to find them all!
  • Fully voiced characters, by professional voice actresses! 
  • Classic platforming gameplay, in the vein of Megaman, Metroid, and so many other great games!
  • A wide variety of enemy designs, including humans, demons, tentacles, robots, and many more, as well as a whole host of fetishes!
  • A Japanese translation of the in-game dialogue once the game's completed, by a fluent speaker (no Google Translate here!)
Wanna know who's working on this game?
All three of us share design ideas for the game, as well as writing and programming ideas, but in general, here's who we are and what roles we're mainly filling.

HentaiWriter - Writing, Marketing, Public Relations, Video Editing, Odd Jobs
Hey, I'm the guy writing all this up! I'm pretty much the mouthpiece for this game, so if you see updates about the game on the Activity Feed, they're likely from me :)

I'm responsible for the entire backstory and dialogue throughout the game, as well as getting the word out about the game, and generally answering any questions you all might have about the game.

It's also my job to get other talent in on the game, such as translators, voice actresses, plus finding the sound clips and music we'll need for the game, so a lot of odd jobs fall on my shoulders, etc.

Finally, I'll be making trailers for the game; you can see a trailer I did recently for another game I'm involved with at to get an idea of the kind of trailer I'd be making for this game!

TriangulatePixels - Art, Animation, Character Design
You might have seen his work earlier in 2014 when he dropped some AMAZING animation on various forums; you can see some of his artwork in the Activity Feed right now, and let me tell you, this guy is a workaholic! He's been knocking out animation after animation day after day for this game in record time, and he's one of the most cordial, polite people I've ever talked to in the industry.

He's essentially responsible for the main character design, as well as her rival's, along with the design of all the enemies in the game, and of course all the H-Animations too.

Hopefully this game does well; if it does, you can likely expect many more games from him featuring his awesome animations!

CheshireCat - Programming
This guy is a boss when it comes to programming; some of the stuff he asks us about what we want in the game as far as functionality is just insane.

Example conversation;
"Okay, so today I plan to work on the game for 12 hours and get in the basic game physics, sound controls, camera controls, programmable player input, save system, collision system...." (cue a bunch of stuff that I have no idea what he's even talking about at this point)

And then he actually GOT IT ALL DONE IN 12 HOURS. The guy's a machine, but considering our situation, this might not be that surprising. And that is...

Multiple people on the team are facing extreme financial issues.

I myself (HentaiWriter) will be broke in a few months,
 following the job I was working at being shut down abruptly, with no warning, and due to the nature of the job (it was a freelance job) I can't get severance pay or unemployment or anything of the sort.

However, much more pressing is that CheshireCat is going to be broke by the end of February; he's using up all he's got for that month, and then that's it. He has no family or friends to go live with, so he will be without a computer, and therefore, we'll be without a programmer, and thus this game won't come out.

In fact, everyone involved in this project has agreed to be paid solely through Patreon funds, because we simply don't have the finances to fund the game. (This includes the translator, voice actresses, and all of us main team members.)

That's where all of you come in.
By supporting this game, you're saving two people from homelessness (and also helping TriangulatePixels be able to afford working on this game full time), and you're not only ensuring that we're able to have enough funds to have enough time to find other, day to day jobs, but that we'll also be making many more games in the future as well.

Make no mistake: even if we do find day to day jobs, this game will be our focus.
We are facing being broke, so we are working on this game NONSTOP.I know a lot of H-Game projects die out early, or sit there and linger, but we're going to get this thing out ASAP, while still making it quality. This is why we've got it on a monthly pledge amount, instead of by release; we are NOT going to sit around and twiddle our thumbs and give you a paltry amount of content.

And speaking of content;

Let's talk about rewards for everyone pledging to this game!
The rewards are fairly straight forward, but I wanted to clarify a few things;

1) From now until February 1st, if you pledge to the $5 level, you WILL GET THE FULL GAME ON RELEASE. We plan to sell it on DLSite and other places for $15, so this is a huge discount. Additionally, we only have 100 slots for this discount, so get on it fast if you want to get it!

2) Any of the rewards titled (OPTIONAL) are simply that; you don't *have* to have your name in the credits, or in the game, or whatever else if you want to pledge to that level and you simply want a copy of the game and access to the activity feed and so forth.

3) For all the (OPTIONAL) rewards, as well as getting a copy of the game, you only need to pledge ONCE at that level; once you've paid one month for that, then you no longer need to pledge at that level to get those specific rewards. However, getting access to game demos and the activity feed DOES require you to stay subscribed at a pledge level that has those two bonuses.

I will be reading the activity feed, checking comments, replying to things frequently, so if you've got any questions about the game, feel free to ask!

Additionally, we plan to release a demo within a month or so, that will feature most of the first area of the game, and we'll be releasing it ONLY on Patreon; everyone else will only get to see a trailer for the game.

Finally, we'll be sporadically releasing animations and other artwork for the game in the activity feed (or if it's NSFW art, we'll give you a link to check it out, off-site).

That about wraps things up; again, please, if you can support us with any amount, it means the world to us, and we are working very hard to get this game out ASAP while still maintaining a high level of quality.

Again, thank you all so much, and if you think this game is worthy of your time and money, please do pass the news on about this game to others you know!