Monday, March 9, 2015

[Future Fragments] Huge update on enemy stuff

NOTE: If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, check out the game at :D

Okay, so after making a list of all the Patron pledge requests so far in regards to enemies, fetishes, animations, all that, I wanted to make sure everyone knew the exact situation of what slots were left.

Before I get into this though, we've added up to two "traps" per area (we might not get two in there or even any at all for a given area), things that would be environmentally-based (like say, a pit you might fall into with tentacles, or a plant that hits you with a aphrodisiac mist in an AoE around it every so often).

The reason I say up to two is that they're basically buffers for Patron requests; if we keep up the rate we're going at in regards to getting requests, that effectively adds another 10 slots for fetishes/animations, which is great for everyone involved. And of course, if the reverse happens and we don't get enough standard enemies even, we'll come up with our own (all the Fire enemies were thought up by us, etc.)

However, as a note, these traps will only have one sex animation (and it'll be a clothed one), and they'll not be walking around or shooting things or whatever else, so they can work for the animation ($100) and fetish ($50) pledge tiers, but not the full enemy ($300) tier.

That said, here's the available slots left for each tier (and what's been chosen already; you CAN do fetishes that have already been picked, but we'd like for there to be a twist or change to them in some way, at least).

NOTE: If you don't want spoilers for what is currently going to be implemented into the game, don't look ahead!



- 39 slots left in each tier

Fetishes / Animations used already:
-Fingering pussy
-Missionary sex position
-Cowgirl sex position
-Masturbation/clit rubbing
-Double Penetration
-Flying sex
-Held upside down
-Self-fondling breasts
-Doggystyle sex position
-Stomach bulge
-Large penetration
-Breastpump milking
-Being lifted into the air by way of penetration
-Aphrodisiac love potion
-Tentacle sex
-Tentacle bondage
-Standing sex



- 21 enemies left
- 8 of these are traps

Enemy slots left for respective areas:
FIRE: 2 Traps
ICE: 2 Traps + Boss
ELECTRIC: 3 Enemies + 1 Trap + Boss
EARTH: 3 Enemies + 1 Trap + Boss
THE END: 3 Enemies + 2 Traps + Boss

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