Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[Future Fragments] Update on spots to get stuff in the game

Okay, so heads up to everyone;

Due to an unexpected amount of people wanting to get stuff in the game (and wanting to maintain some creative control over what enemies are in the game, so forth), we'll be closing the $50 (fetish), $100 (animation), and $300 (full character) tiers come the end of April at the latest, and possibly as early as the end of this month (March).

All prior enemy/fetish/animation requests will of course be honored, and you'd be able to get in this month for that stuff if there's slots left.

Additionally, all other tiers will remain open, including the "already funded 50, 100, 300" tiers as well as the $15, $10, etc. tiers.

So we'll never have a cap on the databank amounts, or getting your name in the background, or so forth.

We realize you all really wanna get stuff in the game, but we hope you'll understand. So if you wanna get a fetish, animation, or enemy in the game, now would be the month to do it :P

So go check out the Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/futurefragments if you wanna get in!

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